Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and selling

You can get a Smirriau NFT in one of three ways:
  • 1. Buy here in our Marketplace where the NFTs are new and are not minted yet, here you will be its first owner.
  • 2. Buy from another owner who has one for sale on an external platform like Opensea.
  • 3. Receive one as a gift from another owner (you still need a ETH wallet to receive the Smirriau NFT).

You can sell a Smirriau NFT in an external NFT Marketplace platform like Opensea.

What do i need to buy here?

Can I use a different browser?

We recommend sticking with Chrome because is not technically possible to use another browser, you need to install your wallet extension.

Installing your digital wallet

You need to connect our web to your wallet to buy an NFT. We recommend Metamask for the best Smirriau NFT experience. You can install it in your Chrome downloading from its website.

You’ll need to put money in your wallet to make your purchase.

Important: A digital wallet acts like an account in your bank, use it with respect.

What is a “wallet address”?

Your public wallet address (e.g. 0x5069911243J168E82A9f9aAeC86202ed9539aE19) is a unique identifier for your wallet. You can share it with others safety, and it’s used to pay with cryptocurrencies and transfer assets to your wallet.

With the metamask extension installed, it will prompt you for connection when you try to purchase an NFT or click the "connect" button.

Once connected you will be able to approve your Smirriau NFT purchase transactions.